The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

When the word “innovation” gained currency around the world (even in Japan) half a century ago, the term still meant “improvements” that befit the business climate and the social context around those offering to innovate. Nowadays, innovations have altered such a setting drastically, making it crucial that “openness” be added in front of innovation in order to enable full implementation of the changes espoused.

The connectivity, the digital, the environment have all become different – nobody would have expected the cyberspace to form a vital part of life in communication and productivity, the computer and the Internet to constitute a digital linchpin for society and the trend towards the “global” era to be halted due to voting in Western nations. Indeed, much of the infrastructure and lifelines depend on dealing with these issues.

Therefore, an open mindset has become essential to meeting such situations; this applies not only to innovations in industry but also to the social sphere. To leave the mark of creativity on history, sustainability is necessary and to accomplish this, flexibility a must. In order to realize flexible thinking, understanding the changes that are occurrence is mandatory. This is where the expositor becomes required.


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